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A With Me Novel

Dream With Me

Book 4: The With Me Series

There are a few things I, Evie Hart, thought I knew for sure:

  1. That I hated Griff Sinclair ever since that night. You know, the night where he totally pulled a Mr. Darcy on me at the dance.
  2. That Griff Sinclair hated me. I mean, seriously, would it kill him to smile at me. Just once.
  3. That my life plan for post-graduation was golden.
  4. That I knew exactly what I wanted.
  5. And none of that included Griff.

But everything I thought I knew is thrown out the window by the biggest surprise of my life. All it takes is one touch, one kiss, one night . . . that leads to so much more.

I need to know what Griff means to me, what I mean to him, and what really happened all those years ago. If we even have a future together. And I need to figure it out before we graduate in seven days. Before I move out of Vermont, hundreds of miles away from Griff. I’ve taken risks, but this might be the biggest gamble of my life.


“Electric sexual tension.” – Romance Novel News

Dream With Me