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Current WIPs

A trifecta of rom-coms

Casanono, Jack, and Devil!

I’m currently writing three rom-coms/contemporary romances, and they’re all delicious, delightful, and downright sexy.

1. Casanono – when a cinnamon roll hero discovers all of his exes have faked it, he decides to get better at sex. Who better to teach him than his best friend, the girl he’s known since forever. Derek and Lily might know a little about sex, but they have a lot to learn about love. Total cotton candy fest of romance–super light, super fluffy.

Goal: Hoping to sell this one to a trad publisher, so that’s why there’s no book page

2. Random Hearts – snowed in the cabin/one bed – Jack Sinclair finally gets a story! – as a struggling screenwriter who’s all too familiar with rejection, Delaney Rose needs to get away from Hollywood and opts for a winter getaway in a remote cabin in the mountains of Vermont. But there’s a plot twist when gruff, grumpy, and gorgeous Jack Sinclair shows up just as a blizzard strikes . . . and oops, there’s only one bed! An unedited Chapter 1 is now posted.

Release Date: Later this year . . . if all goes according to plan

3. The Devil You Know – a second chance romance – The Sexiest Bachelors, Book 2 – Keith O’Connell (who, you might recall, is Deacon’s best friend in The Devil on Your Shoulder) finds love with a former flame when Violet Robinson, a successful painter, returns home to help out her grandmother (broken foot, no granny deaths!) and they end up partnering together to win a local baking contest. There’s too much at stake to let a little thing like love get in the way. An unedited Chapter 1 is now posted.

Release Date: Much later this year . . . again if all goes according to plan


A trifecta of rom-coms

Available Now!

The Devil on Your Shoulder

The Devil on Your Shoulder

It's hate at first sight . . .

No one expects a meet-hate at a wedding. But when an arrogant playboy steals her seat, a plus-sized wallflower finds herself engaged in a battle of insults . . . and a kissing duel. Kisses are one thing, but love is a declaration of war.

More info here.