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As You Wish: a famous surly rock star falls for a sunshine florist.

One Hit Wonder: a charming, over-the-top rock star has two weeks to convince his prim assistant to not quit. (novella)


Stay With Me: a famous heroine wants a chance for normal and goes to college in Vermont and falls for a handsome college guy who’d never let her down.

Go With Me: a scarred heroine bickers, banters, and loves the one guy she shouldn’t: her brother’s best friend.

Try With Me: a shy heroine who’s losing her beloved mother to cancer meets a guy who’s always easy to laugh and never takes anything too seriously.

Dream With Me: on the lead-up to graduation, an outgoing heroine connects with the quiet, reserved guy she thought she hated.


Four Weddings and a Break Up: a broken heroine tries to put her life back together and not fall for the handsome playboy she’s fake dating or lose her life to the dangerous villain intent on making her pay.


The Devil on Your Shoulder: no one expects a meet-hate at a wedding, but when an arrogant playboy steals her seat, this plus-sized wallflower finds herself engaged in a battle of insults and a kiss. Kisses are one thing, but love is a declaration of war.


While It Was Snowing in Holiday for Two: a plus-sized candy shop owner resolves to make a move on her shy best friend.

Saved by the Belle in Once Upon a Christmas: a songwriter reconnects with the duke she met years ago.


Make It Happen: My Fair Lady meets reality TV.