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The Sexiest Bachelors

The Devil on Your Shoulder

Book 1: The Sexiest Bachelors

It’s hate at first sight . . .

The only thing Nora Quinn looks forward to at weddings is the cake. Otherwise, one wedding is like every other. Except this one when a handsome man steals her seat to hit on another woman. With one single glance, she knows his type all too well. She surprisingly finds herself engaged in a battle of insults. But it’s not as if she’ll ever run into the dark-eyed seat thief who just might be her mortal enemy.

It’s true that Deacon Knight has had an easy life. If he wants something, he gets it. He doesn’t waste time on hopeless endeavors . . . or on a woman who gets under his skin. He should forget her, not constantly think about her. Deacon resolves never to talk to her again. He doesn’t even know her name so it should be easy. Simple. Not a problem.

Once the wedding ends, they don’t expect their paths to cross. But life is evil sometimes, and all too soon, Nora and Deacon keep meeting with insults at the ready.

He’s the last man she would ever fall for . . .

She’s the last woman he would ever want . . .

It’s a good thing they won’t fall in love.

The Devil on Your Shoulder