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The Sexiest Bachelors

The Devil You Know

Book 2: The Sexiest Bachelors

Winning comes with a price . . .

Violet Robinson knows her way around an easel, but she’s a disaster in the kitchen. It’s never been a problem (thank you, take-out) . . . until now. When her grandmother breaks her foot, Violet sets everything aside to take care of her. It’s the least she can do for the woman who took her and her younger siblings in and gave them a home. It doesn’t matter if Violet hasn’t returned in twenty years or the reason why just so happens to be the guy next door, but that’s all in the past. She’s an adult now. Mature. And she can certainly partner up with the man who broke her heart to win a holiday baking contest.

Keith O’Connell knows that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons. A self-taught chef/baker, he’s entered the team baking contest every year but has never won. The prize money is just enough to help secure his dream: a bar/bakery to call his own. What’s better than cupcakes? Cupcakes and beer. But his dream seems impossible. After all he needs to win with possibly the worst baker to have ever baked. And, oh yeah, she’s also the only woman he’s ever loved.

To survive elimination, Keith and Violet have to work together and dare to risk it all. Baking side by side, day in, day out. Those simmering needs, those steamy looks, those sizzling kisses.

Cooking with benefits might be added to the menu, but love is definitely à la carte.


The Devil You Know