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Make It Happen

Originally self-published as Take a Chance on Me. The only thing that has changed about this version is the new title and cover.

My Fair Lady meets reality TV . . .

Any woman would be thrilled with a makeover and the chance to win a million dollars. Any woman but Kate Templar. So when handsome celebrity stylist Sam Brody tells her that she’s been chosen to be on a new reality TV show, Kate does the unthinkable and says no. But the lure of so much money—and the man offering it—is impossible to resist, and soon she’s signing on the dotted line.

Sam Brody wants this makeover to be his last, but first, he has to transform Kate into a modern-day goddess. Simple, right? But Kate doesn’t want to become something she’s not, and she wants him to ditch his ice-cold Brit persona for his real self. Sam has no idea how to do that . . . or if he even can. It’s not as if he needs the makeover.

It would be so easy if it weren’t for that kiss. The kiss that changes everything. Managing a secret relationship and not being caught on camera is difficult, but Kate and Sam are willing to risk it for a chance at love. But when the lines blur between reality and make-believe, how can Kate and Sam know if their love is the real thing?

Make It Happen