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Official blurb coming down the line. It’s not coming out in 1970, obviously, but I don’t want to put in a month quite yet since I’m still writing it. But, for now, here’s a little more info about my (hopefully) funny and sexy, best friends to lovers rom-com.

Unofficial CASANONO blurb:

Throwaway acct for obv reasons, lol. I (29m) just had an intervention. A Sex Intervention. My now ex-gf rounded up all my exes to tell me they’ve faked it every single time. I’ve asked my best friend (29f) to help me out with sex lessons. It won’t blow up. We made rules. 

What you’ll find in this rom-com:

1. A cinnamon roll himbo (Derek) who’s really bad at sex.

2. A fmc (Lily) who knows her stuff but can still be kinda clueless.

3. Sex lessons.

4. We’re doing this for educational purposes, not because it means anything.

5. Oops. We caught the feels and we caught them bad.