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A With Me Novel

You Don’t Know Jack

Book 5: The With Me Series

A snowed-in cabin romance

As someone who’s grown up in Hollywood, struggling screenwriter Delaney Rose knows enough about smoke and mirrors to last her a lifetime. After her latest screenplay is rejected, she’s had enough. She needs to get far away from the boulevard of broken dreams.

Delaney needs a vacation—somewhere that doesn’t have any access to WiFi. She don’t know what scares her more: getting out of her comfort zone or being unplugged from social media. Still, a few weeks in a Vermont cabin sounds perfect.

But Delaney never saw the plot twists coming:

1. Her meet-cute with Tall, Dark, and Grumpy aka Jack Sinclair.

2. The blizzard. 

3. Being trapped inside the cabin with a very sexy, very scowly-faced man who growls not-so-sweet nothings in her ear.

It’s not the getaway Delaney imagined. And, if she isn’t careful, she’ll do something dangerous—like fall in love. Even though she’s in charge of her own story, she forgot one important detail.

Love never follows the script.


You Don’t Know Jack