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The Sexiest Bachelors

The Devil on Your Shoulder

Book 1: The Sexiest Bachelors

It’s hate at first sight . . .

The only thing Nora Quinn looks forward to at weddings is the cake. Otherwise, one wedding is like every other.

Except this one.

When a handsome man steals her seat, Nora finds herself engaged in a battle of insults . . . and a kissing contest. The challenge is simple. Other than their mouths, no touching is allowed. Easy, right? With the cheesy pick-up lines this heartbreaker’s been throwing out, Nora isn’t expecting any sparks. Instead, she gets fireworks.

Crisis averted, because everyone knows: What happens at a wedding stays at the wedding. It’s not as if Nora will ever run into the dark-haired, dark-eyed seat thief who just might be her mortal enemy.

But life is evil sometimes.

Nora keeps running into him. Deacon Knight. The most arrogant man she’s ever had the displeasure of meeting. They bicker. They banter. And they’re in perfect agreement that they will never, ever get together.

He’s the last man she would ever fall for . . .

She’s the last woman he would ever want . . .

It’s a good thing they won’t fall in love.

The Devil on Your Shoulder