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Contemporary Romance

Take a Chance on Me

My Fair Lady meets reality TV...

Any woman would be thrilled with a makeover and the chance to win a million dollars. Any woman but Kate Templar. Maybe it’s the chocolate covering her from head to toe or maybe it’s the cameras. But when handsome celebrity stylist Sam Brody tells her that she’s been chosen to be on a new reality TV show, Kate does the unthinkable—she says no. But the lure of so much money—and the man offering it—is too hard to resist, and soon she’s signing on the dotted line.

Known for his good luck and Midas-like touch, Sam Brody is tired of a career that was supposed to be temporary. Sam is determined that this will be the last show, but the only way to do that is to make Kate become something she’s not. Except his pulse heats up whenever she’s near and things become complicated when they kiss. But with cameras filming their every move, how can Sam convince Kate that their relationship is the real thing?

Take a Chance on Me