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Reckless Kissing

Holiday Bright is on deadline. Her book is due in two weeks, the plot bunnies are running amok, and she might be a little stressed by the whole situation. Just a little, mind you. What’s the perfect solution? Go home for the holidays.

Hahaha. Nah, that’s not the perfect solution. But unless Holiday wants her family to storm her cramped apartment—something that they’ve done in the past—then she needs to hie away to her parents’ home in Upstate New York. 

Holiday expects the crazy, something her family could definitely gold medal in. She expects the turkey, the sweet potatoes, the Battle of the Pies, and stuff her face with stuffing. What she doesn’t really expect?

Joe Mahoney.

The grouchy man of few words next door. Sure, Joe might be hot in that mountain-man kind of way—beard included—but he does not like Holiday at all, which is fine. Because Holiday doesn’t like him, either. 

So what if they kissed last Christmas? There won’t be any mistletoe around this time. They have no excuse whatsoever to kiss. And it’s not as if Holiday actually wants to kiss Joe again. At least that’s what she tells herself. But it’s Thanksgiving and anything can happen—even something like love.

Warning: this rom-com short-story (~10,000 words) is super light, super fun, super breezy, and fades to black. But you’ll still have swearing, kissing, and a HEA. Also includes a plucky heroine whose idea of dressing up is putting on a bra, a grumpy hero who has a super duper secret, and a dog. You’ll learn about the kiss, why opposites attract, and that home is always where the heart is.


Reckless Kissing