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One Hit Wonder: The Second Epilogue

Book 2: Rock Stars in Love


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She was getting married in fifteen minutes. Jane took a deep breath, trying to settle her nerves. It wasn’t like she was completely nervous that she would be walking down the aisle in teetering heels in front of five hundred people.

Five hundred people who were friends, family members—hers had flown in from Nebraska while Damon’s had come in from Puerto Rico—other loved ones, members of the boy band Damon was in as a teen, his manager Rafe Walker, and other famous rock stars like Aubry Riley and his wife. And there was a helicopter flying overhead, because apparently Damon Suarez putting a ring on it deserved national media attention.

How could she ever be nervous about all of that?

They should have married in Vegas. But no, Damon had taken one look at Vegas and declared that it didn’t feel right. Besides, hed drawled, the Elvis officiator should never have more rhinestones on his white jumpsuit. I cant compete with that, Timmons.

Jane really hoped Damon was joking about wearing a white jumpsuit with rhinestones. She loved him, but rhinestones and a jumpsuit? Hell to the no. But she didn’t think he would do that.

At least she hoped he wouldn’t.

And if he did, then . . . then there would be no more mini-umbrellas in his shaken chocolate milk drinks on the rocks.

For the last year, they’d planned this wedding and had settled on the fifth of May, as that was their anniversary. It fell on a Sunday this year, and their backyard had been transformed to a breathtaking affair—and the weather was beautiful.It was going to be a wonderful day—even if Damon did have rhinestones on his tux. It wouldn’t matter to her because soon they would be married.

She couldn’t wait.


Damon was not a stupid man. He was not wearing a white jumpsuit and nary a rhinestone was in sight. But the lining of his tux jacket was a bright pink, and perhaps in a certain slant of light, his black bowtie shimmered.

If he didn’t wear these things, then Jane would wonder if a doppelgänger had taken his place—and he couldn’t have that. Besides, he’d always been comfortable in how he was as a person, and Jane clearly loved him. Damon suspected that his soon to be wife secretly loved all of his clothes, including the Fedora she always threatened to throw out. There had been one memorable night where she’d worn the Fedora and nothing else.

He adjusted his cuff links, platinum musical notes, then he smiled over at his best man. His manager, Rafe Walker, grinned back.

“First Aubry, then you.” Rafe shook his head. “It’s becoming a habit. My favorite clients getting hitched.”

“You know what they say, Walker. Always an usher, never a groom.”

“Very funny.”

Damon headed outside with Rafe. His groomsmen were already outside as they were escorting guests to their seats. There really were so many people here. Perhaps they’d gotten carried away with their invites. Perhaps they should have eloped after all.

“Nervous?” Rafe asked in a low murmur.

He didn’t have to think about that one. “No.”

He just wanted to see her. Kiss her. Be married to her. And in a few short minutes, he would be.


The bride wasn’t wearing white.

Damon smiled wide when he first saw Jane. He couldn’t miss her. No one could. Not even that helicopter flying miles away in the sky.

Her dress was pink. Not a baby pink. Not a blush pink.

A bright pink. A happy pink. And there were even rhinestones dancing along the hem of her tea-length dress.She also wore the pink shoes he’d given her way before they’d ever got together as a couple.

His smile widened as she walked down the aisle, her bouquet of vivid orange roses held in both hands. No veil covered her face, and her hair was pulled back in a fancy chignon. Already his fingers itched to remove all the pins, unravel her honey-blonde hair, and make love to her.

She finally stopped before him, a soft smile on her lips, and Damon leaned down toward her.

“I knew there was a reason why you were so adamant about no rhinestones,” he whispered into her ear.

Jane looked over at him, and like always, his heart skipped a few beats at seeing the love shining in her blue-gray depths. “Just wait until you see what I have on underneath.”

“Timmons, you really didn’t have to wear edible underwear.”

She laughed out loud, then after she took his arm, they faced the Justice of the Peace. Vows were repeated, both said so sincerely that more than a few people reached for their handkerchiefs to wipe their eyes. Finally, the words Damon had been waiting for were uttered.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the Justice of the Peace said. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Damon looked into Jane’s eyes. He’d love her forever and ever. This day was only the start to a long life together.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She smiled, her eyes filling with happy tears.

He leaned down toward her, cupping her face. “My heart is yours. Always.”

And then he kissed her.

Cheers and claps sounded around them, and Damon lifted his head from hers. Together, they faced their guests and raised their hands overhead as they raced down the aisle to the reception under the tent.

“There is one thing I should tell you, though,” Damon said after they were announced and were sitting at the head table.

Jane put down her flute of champagne. “And what’s that?”

“There might be a new dance coming up. And a slight reunion with the boy band. I promise you’ll like it.”

“Will I have to participate in this new dance?”

“Why, Timmons-Suarez, yes, of course. Every dance needs a partner as you know.”

“Oh boy. Let me get a few more of these down.” Jane drank the rest of her champagne. “What is this new dance called, by the way?”

“The Wedding Wiggle.” Damon tried to think of how best to explain the dance move, but he realized there were really no words to accurately describe the movements. “I guess it’s sort of like playing Twister on the dance floor, but better.”

Jane blinked. “Well, okay, then. The Wedding Wiggle it is. I love you, and it certainly won’t ever be a dull moment when it comes to us.”

“Never,” he promised. “I promise that I’ll always invent crazy dances, wear outrageous clothes, and love you for the rest of my days.”

“And I promise to always wear my fabulous shoes, pin my hair up, and love you for as long as I live.”

Damon stood and held out his hand to Jane. His wife. His love. His heart. “Shall we?”

“Yes.” She took his hand, then leaned up to kiss him. “Let’s dance the night away.”